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Scribbles and Snippets

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In this blog I you can find out what's going on in my studio and where to see my work exhibited.

Edinburgh Festival 2011

EventsPosted by Angela Heidemann Fri, August 26, 2011 22:25
It's Festival time again. Here is what we've seen and enjoyed so far:

Victoria Crowe at the Scottish Arts Club
Being a member, I got to invigilate the show one afternoon and so had plenty of time to look at her work. Amazing, beautiful and very poetic. She's a truely wonderful artist.

Bizarrely, this is to be found in the children's section of the Fringe Programme. It's a work of art that you can take a walk in. Mirazozo is a giant inflatable tent made out of colourful plastic. Sections of the plastic are transparent so that the sunlight forms amazing patterns of light and colour inside the organic space. Add meditative music and this is the most otherworldly place you're going to find in the whole festival. Beautiful and strange.

Out of the Blue
Yes, I admit it, I watched them on X-Factor and all the family loved those preppy Oxford boys who suddenly surprised everyone with a whacky a capella rendition of Lady Gaga. Live, they were even better. It's like a toff, geeky version of Glee, only much, much better!

Camille O'Sullivan
If you like Tom Waits, Nick Cave and other moody singers and are not afraid of a mixture between Sally Bowles, the Wicked Witch of the East and Mrs Doyle, then this is for you. Try her on Spotify if you're not sure or watch her on YouTube. Her show is unique, beautiful, tender and quite mad. I loved it!

The Peacock & the Tortoise - Grand Opening

EventsPosted by Angela Heidemann Sun, March 27, 2011 14:22
Yesterday, Trudy and Mhairi opened their wonderful fabric craft shop in Perth on a gloriously sunny day. It's a great achievement and a really beautiful shop. Well done girls. And thanks to everyone for the lovely comments on the shop signs and logo.

Large Scale Monochrome Murals

EventsPosted by Angela Heidemann Thu, July 09, 2009 16:25
The kids are off school, so, as a conscientious mum, it is my job to keep them occupied. (In the case of two brothers, this is an essential part of ensuring that they don't end up killing each other!)
Our rainy days are thus dedicated to a large indoor painting project. To keep things simple, we decided to stick with just one colour: white.
If you're thinking Rothko now, you have underestimated the practical nature of this mother. We are actually painting the hall white in preparation for the Open Studios Event. But don't ring the Child Helpline yet. The deal is, they help me get rid of the horrible wallpaper we have inherited from the previous occupants of the house and in return I will take them to 'Go Ape' in Aberfoyle where I will pay a small fortune to climb to the tops of some very high trees in order to jump/climb/swing down again. I'm practising my Tarzan call already while simultaneously trying to ignore the fact that I am really not THAT good with heights.
What am I doing? Would it not have been better to do all that painting myself and stay safe/sane/alive?!

Perthshire Open Studios 2009

EventsPosted by Angela Heidemann Thu, July 09, 2009 15:34

Watch out for this year’s Perthshire Open Studios. The event will take place 5 – 13 September. This is the first year that I will be participating myself. My house will be open to the public between 11 and 5 every day except Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. There will also be fresh coffee and tea as well as Bernie’s famous homebaking available, so please come, have a look, browse, chat and have a cuppa! If you are coming from further afield, there are a few other artists closeby to make your trip worthwile!

Art Exhibition and Pudding Club in aid of WALC

EventsPosted by Angela Heidemann Thu, July 09, 2009 15:18

at the Institute, Crook of Devon

on Saturday, 15 November

10 am – 2 pm during Christmas Bazaar

7 - 9 pm during Pudding Heaven
and on Sunday morning 10.30 - 12.30

Do you fancy some Christmas shopping , having your tastebuds tickled and enjoying some very nice art? Then come to the Institute in the Crook of Devon (my lovely home village) on Saturday 15. November 2008! The church is running a bazaar, the local charity WALC is running a pudding club and during all of that there will be an art exhibition, featuring local artists including Babs Pease, Clare Yarrington, Sheila Carnduff, Sylvia Breslin and yours truly.

Or for the slimline version, you can have another look on Sunday, no puddings, just coffee/tea and a friendly smile.