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Scribbles and Snippets

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In this blog I you can find out what's going on in my studio and where to see my work exhibited.

New pictures

PrintmakingPosted by Angela Heidemann Wed, July 04, 2012 14:28

Alex, Moss and Sammy

PrintmakingPosted by Angela Heidemann Wed, May 02, 2012 12:30

Here are a few new dogs on the blog!

Blowing in the Wind

PrintmakingPosted by Angela Heidemann Fri, November 04, 2011 21:39
Remember the 'Scottish hurricane' we've had at the end of September?

I lay in my bed one Sunday morning while the gales were thrashing the first autumn leaves around the house. Still half in the land of Nod, I grumpily ruminated on how much I was not looking forward to dog walking when this image popped into my head.

I have named it 'The Perils of Dog Walking'. If the weather carries on so contrary, there might be other Perils to follow. Who knows what else I will encounter on my daily trudge out of the land of Nod.

The Fanged Furball

PrintmakingPosted by Angela Heidemann Wed, June 22, 2011 12:42
In case anyone is wondering what's up with the pup:

Interior Design Degree Online’s list of the best blogs by printmakers

PrintmakingPosted by Angela Heidemann Wed, June 08, 2011 10:14
I had a nice surprise when I opened my email today. I seem to have been listed on Interior Design Degree Online’s list of the best blogs by printmakers. I have no idea how that happened and what the criteria were, but what a lovely thing to happen!

Just click on the link below to find a long list of inspirational printmaking blogs and websites.

Pooches, Ponies and Poultry - three new prints

PrintmakingPosted by Angela Heidemann Thu, May 19, 2011 18:36

Here are three brand new etchings:


I've lost my pounce;
I'm out of bounce;
I am a ball of misery.

I'm off my feet;
I cannot eat.
Dog-sick am I for all to see.

What is this pain that has me slain?
What caused my guts to churn and gripe?
That snack I've had can't have been bad.
That dung smalt lovely, rich and ripe!

The cockerel

With swollen chest you crow your song:
"Come, all you ladies, come along!
Come see this vain and glorious sight!
Look at my plumage, gold and bright!
Come hear my call, my voice abides:
Come worship me, come be my brides!"

Your bugle punctuates the day.
It echoes here and there and far away.
You doodle morning, night and noon.
You even serenade the moon.
My friend if you don't stop real soon
I'll have you for my tea, you loon!


"Yee-haw!" said the mare,
"I dare you, I dare,
this gallop to share!"

"This track is exciting!
It's wide and inviting.
Let's go and stop fighting!"

DCA Delight

PrintmakingPosted by Angela Heidemann Mon, December 13, 2010 13:11
In November I managed to drive up to Dundee a few times. I'd been doing more work from home recently, but having all that space and the facilities was wonderful. I was able to finish two new prints there.

The FDPW in Dunfermline is so cosy and friendly I would not want to swap it for the bigger studio in Dundee, but it's nice to have the best of both worlds.

Further printing had to be put on the waiting list because of the snow. Hopefully, the thaw will last and I will be able to get some more work done soon.

I also took a weekend course at the DCA with my friend Mhairi. We learnt how to make books from recycled materials. Bookbinding is really interesting and I'd like to make some sketchbooks and perhaps artist books some time.

Mini monoprints

PrintmakingPosted by Angela Heidemann Thu, August 19, 2010 15:08
This blog entry is dedicated to Bill from FDPW. Bill, you are a star!

A few weeks ago, I had another go at monoprinting. Just an idle attempt at using up some leftover ink, nothing more. I'd given up on monoprinting a long time ago. It always ended up with blobby, over-inked images. Very frustrating.

And then Bill turned up in the workshop and shared a kernel of wisdom with me which he had gleaned from YouTube: he lay a sheet of newspaper over my rolled out ink and gently rubbed it down twice to take off the excess ink.

The result: clean lines and subtle shading. Unfortunately, it was the end of the session, so I had to clean up and mull over the possibilites at home.

Until yesterday.

And here are the first results. Not bad, don't you agree?

Now I'm rooting around the house to find all sorts of tools which I can use to rub or press over the paper in order to create different marks. What a lot of fun!

Thanks Bill!

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