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In this blog I you can find out what's going on in my studio and where to see my work exhibited.

And a few more paintings I forgot to put on earlier

MiscellaneousPosted by Angela Heidemann Wed, July 04, 2012 14:31

More beastie oaintings

MiscellaneousPosted by Angela Heidemann Sat, May 05, 2012 09:39
Here are three more paintings of various beasties which I did over the past few days sitting in my sunny conservatory - bliss!

All three 20 x 20 cm mixed media on canvas. From top left clockwise:
Brown Hare
Quizzical Coo

New paintings

MiscellaneousPosted by Angela Heidemann Wed, May 02, 2012 12:35

Some new paintings for you!

Some Sketches from Lanzarote

MiscellaneousPosted by Angela Heidemann Wed, May 02, 2012 12:33
I took my painting kit and some very small canvasses on holiday this year. Here are a few. (One is still on Lanzarote because it found a friend there!)

The Big Dipper

MiscellaneousPosted by Angela Heidemann Fri, August 26, 2011 22:43
Serendipity (aka Dip, Dippy or Dipper) is now 5 months old and HUGE. She is also very lovely. Here is a picture to demonstrate:
Not a lap dog!

Here are two new pictures she has inspired:
'Thief' is based on a younger Dippy. She still steals stuff and chews stuff, but now she's got her adult teeth the holes are bigger and further apart.

'No chicken' is a mixed media drawing (mainly oil pastels and acrylic) of Dip's surprising encounter with Patrick the rooster. He looked so funny and flappy when he ran away. And then he turned around...!

Drawing and painting with Damian Callan

MiscellaneousPosted by Angela Heidemann Fri, August 26, 2011 22:09
This summer I treated myself to a weekly painting class with Damian Callan and to a week's summer school of 'drawing and painting the working model'. If anyone is looking for a great teacher, I can only recommend Damian, whose work I have loved for a long time. (

Damian took us to a port, a farm and a coal mine where we had a chance to draw and paint models in these archetypal settings and poses. Not being one for working outside much, drawing in the drizzle was a bit of a new experience, but all in all a great week!

Here are some photos and sketches. (The oil paintings were left in the studio to dry and I have not picked them up yet.)


MiscellaneousPosted by Angela Heidemann Fri, August 26, 2011 21:56
This summer, our equestrian pursuits heavily focussed on endurance riding (i.e. competitive hacking, for the un-equestrian), although the 'endurance' element in some cases was taken a bit too literally.
On his first ride of the summer holidays in the sunny Borders, Bernie decided to up the ante by trying to complete the course without his horse. Or his horse decided it would be easier to do the 20k without Bernie. (There is still some debate on this but going solo is against the rules.) In any case, this resulted in a dislocated shoulder (Bernie's) and a trip to the hospital. The endurance bit came after the ride and lasted almost 6 weeks.
Our next ride (minus Bernie) was at the Scottish Championships at Scone. Ana and me had a cracking ride on Saturday with a mad gallop finish. I was completely high on adrenaline until the skies opened on Saturday night and turned the race course into a boating lake. Since no-one had remembered to bring swimming trunks for their steeds, we had to rescue them out of the flooded coralling field shortly before midnight and returned home. The flood endured. (Most tents didn't!)

And finally, Ben & Ana went to young riders camp and came back determined to get their Bronze Thistle Award as soon as equinely possible. (This allows young riders to go without adults.) They had their first successful 30k at the end of the summer holidays and, surprisingly, noone got hurt, exceedingly wet or otherwise tested beyond the normal remit of endurance riding. Let's hope their next ride goes just as well!

Happy birthday Kate

MiscellaneousPosted by Angela Heidemann Fri, July 22, 2011 18:35


Spencer was my bonnie boy.
He made my dear heart sing with joy,
As oft' I gazed in reverie:
This handsome lad belonged to me.

T'is true, I was a little older,
But oh, his youth just made us bolder.
We met in meadows, raced through fields,
Enjoyed each day the sunshine yields.
His eager lips well kent my hand.
His brow the fairest in the land.

Alas, such sweetness cannot last.
Our days of glory have now passed.
His new lass treats him well, of course.
I'm sure she'll love my bonnie horse!


This one is for Kate, whose birthday it is this weekend and who has just had to make a hard, hard decision and sold her beautiful Connemara Spencer. We hope this will make you smile.

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