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Sub-Mediterranean Adventures

MiscellaneousPosted by Angela Heidemann Tue, December 07, 2010 17:56
This October Crete lured us to its balmy brimy coastline again. Unfortunately, the holidays were later than usually which meant we saw some pretty spectacular thunderstorms and spent quite a few days playing cards in tavernas. However, throw in a cafe frappe and some delicious Greek nibbles, and nobody misses the beach too much. (It was on the other side of the road anyway, but best admired from indoors lest one got blown away.)

Even more unfortunately, our camera lens decided to go kaputt on day 1 for no apparent reason at all. So the only visual records of that holiday I can share with you are some underwater photos of the boys and Bernie which the dive school shot and some etchings/sketches of local wildlife.

All my menfolk are now PADI advanced open water divers and very proud of it too. The highlight was a cave dive, or so I'm told. I am a low tech girl in my spare time, so I stick to snorkelling.

The return trip was a bit of a killer though. To start with, EasyJet cancelled our flight but forgot to tell us about it. Eventually, we managed to find ourselves a flight back to Birmingham where we arrived in the wee small hours of the next day. Unfortunately, the car was in Manchester.

The real killer was the temperature drop though. Even on a rainy day, we still had around 25C on Crete. When we returned, the leaves had parted company with the trees and it was 4C. Raining, naturally.

Here are some pictures: