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MiscellaneousPosted by Angela Heidemann Mon, December 13, 2010 14:02
I thought it might be time to give you an update on our brave little chicks. Not so little any more: at around 16 weeks they are now nearly fully grown and coping well with the siege of snow that has practically locked them into their hen house for the past fortnight.
Toffee and Fudge have lived up to expections and have grown into two beautiful Buff Orpington hens. They are extremely friendly and get hand fed by Nicky on a daily basis. Nicky is grooming them as pets, you see. They have to be picked up and carried about as often as possible and seem to receive this treatment with benevolent stoicism.
As predicted, Brian is now a proud Cream Legbar rooster who has recently started cockadoodling (much to Nicky's annoyance. His bedroom window points out to the henhouse). His plumage is a pretty speckled black and white.
And then there is Cleopatra. Even prettier than Brian with russet feathers, a proud swoop of a tail and a bright red er...coxcomb. Yes, you've guessed correctly. My chick sexing skills are a bit rubbish. We have another undercover cockerel. Cleo-Patrick!

If anyone wants a pretty, well behaved Cream Legbar Cockerel, please get in touch. To good home only.