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Gallopping into Spring

MiscellaneousPosted by Angela Heidemann Thu, March 24, 2011 11:49
Last weekend, we greeted Spring the equestrian way: we took part in our first endurance ride.

They call the non-competitive rides 'pleasure rides' and a pleasure it was, but don't you believe the non-competitive bit. Tess and Harley certainly didn't. They tried to outrun every horse we met on the forest tracks of Tentsmuir and gave us some great gallops. Even after 17 km they still had plenty of go in them.

Oh to be out again and feel the wind in your hair! Hah...someone stop me before I wax sentimental. But what a great way to start the spring that was!

And now the sun's really come out and the thermometer has reached two digits! I've had to take my coat off at the yard today. I'm still in shock. Before Easter??!

The hens have also acknowledged the passing of winter and are laying plenty of eggs for the Easter bunny. In fact, some of them think they ARE the Easter bunny: They've taken to hiding their eggs. We found 8 in the coal bunker the other day!

So now I'm looking out of the window enjoying the brief time when you can be in the garden but don't have to mow the lawn yet.

Enjoy the sunshine!