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Run, run, as fast as you can!

PrintmakingPosted by Angela Heidemann Thu, May 20, 2010 09:51
As promised previously, here is the first deerhound impression. It was inspired by our very first walk with Wallace and Misty. The boys, naturally, were keen to find out if these two would fetch a ball. We took them into an empty horse field at Over Dalkeith and the boys chucked tennis balls for all they were worth. I think the picture explains what happened next. Boy can they run!

At that occasion, they met the stable dogs and proved to be universally well inclined to fellow pooches. They also thought the horses were ok, but the sentiment was not reciprocated. Wallace got chased round the field by a phalanx of excited ponies, spearheaded by the fearful Shetties who thought, a wolf hunt was the best entertainment they'd had in a long time. Tally-ho!

The hounds have been with us for nearly three weeks now and have become part of the furniture. Misty has re-discovered her waistline. So have I. And Wallace goes out running with Ben and Bernie who are training for a 10 k.

Between dogs and horses, I'm pretty busy preparing for various summer shows such as the annual Dollar Art Exhibition and the Portmoak Festivel as well as the ESSA auction and a few new venues. More about that nearer the time.

Keep well!