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The Gentiehun

PrintmakingPosted by Angela Heidemann Tue, August 03, 2010 14:50
It's taken a while, with this, that and the other going on this year, but finally I've managed to get a proper print featuring one of our lovely deerhounds. This time, I managed to do most of the etching at home. The grey tones in the background were created by gently rubbing off the hard ground with a rag and a tiny bit of white spirit and then etching the revealed area. Since the open spaces could not be degreased or else the ground around it would have been broken, the mordant created a lovely, subtle texture. I think, more experiments in that direction are on the agenda!

In case you cannot read the text on this small image, here it is again:

The gentiehun
Will fleetly run
For 5 or 20 stretches.
Then it will rest
In Morpheu's nest,
Where rabbit dreams it catches.

I also re-considered the Momo print and found it a bit bland, so it's now got a poem in the background as well:
Momo was a pound dog;
He was a lost and found dog.
Like Fountleroy,
This poodlish toy
Became a proper lounge dog;
Is washed and fed;
Sleeps in a bed;
Filled out into a round dog.
May Life be Joy
For Curly Boy;
May he stay long a sound dog.

Momo is my parents' dog, a small mongrel who definitely has some poodle in him. He came from a dog rescue home and is indeed spoilt like a lord. He is 16 now, a bit on the tubby side and has a heart condition, but you wouldn't know it to look at him (or indeed listen to him).