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MiscellaneousPosted by Angela Heidemann Fri, August 26, 2011 21:56
This summer, our equestrian pursuits heavily focussed on endurance riding (i.e. competitive hacking, for the un-equestrian), although the 'endurance' element in some cases was taken a bit too literally.
On his first ride of the summer holidays in the sunny Borders, Bernie decided to up the ante by trying to complete the course without his horse. Or his horse decided it would be easier to do the 20k without Bernie. (There is still some debate on this but going solo is against the rules.) In any case, this resulted in a dislocated shoulder (Bernie's) and a trip to the hospital. The endurance bit came after the ride and lasted almost 6 weeks.
Our next ride (minus Bernie) was at the Scottish Championships at Scone. Ana and me had a cracking ride on Saturday with a mad gallop finish. I was completely high on adrenaline until the skies opened on Saturday night and turned the race course into a boating lake. Since no-one had remembered to bring swimming trunks for their steeds, we had to rescue them out of the flooded coralling field shortly before midnight and returned home. The flood endured. (Most tents didn't!)

And finally, Ben & Ana went to young riders camp and came back determined to get their Bronze Thistle Award as soon as equinely possible. (This allows young riders to go without adults.) They had their first successful 30k at the end of the summer holidays and, surprisingly, noone got hurt, exceedingly wet or otherwise tested beyond the normal remit of endurance riding. Let's hope their next ride goes just as well!