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Mini monoprints

PrintmakingPosted by Angela Heidemann Thu, August 19, 2010 15:08
This blog entry is dedicated to Bill from FDPW. Bill, you are a star!

A few weeks ago, I had another go at monoprinting. Just an idle attempt at using up some leftover ink, nothing more. I'd given up on monoprinting a long time ago. It always ended up with blobby, over-inked images. Very frustrating.

And then Bill turned up in the workshop and shared a kernel of wisdom with me which he had gleaned from YouTube: he lay a sheet of newspaper over my rolled out ink and gently rubbed it down twice to take off the excess ink.

The result: clean lines and subtle shading. Unfortunately, it was the end of the session, so I had to clean up and mull over the possibilites at home.

Until yesterday.

And here are the first results. Not bad, don't you agree?

Now I'm rooting around the house to find all sorts of tools which I can use to rub or press over the paper in order to create different marks. What a lot of fun!

Thanks Bill!